Not just for special occasion
The artistic pin I create is not just for special occasion  but for everyday use. I take pride in offering beautiful, elegant and one-of-a-kind artistic pin at very affordable prices. Cost varies accordingly. Price is between $15-$20.

Want to do something special for someone today?
Let me help you decide and take care of a special gift for your very special someone.  Any wardrobe will be enhanced with this special fabric pin.

If you would like an elegant and especially designed artistic pin, please contact me
Need to send to far away places?  No problem!

Free standard shipping within USA.  Shipping to Canada or to other countries is available for an additional cost.
Greeting Cards

Do you also want to own a different kind of greeting card?  It is handcrafted and designed to differentiate itself from other cards.  It is meant to be a keepsake.